Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to Crack a "Master Lock" Combination Lock

Steps :

1-Look for the Master Lock brand. This method only works with Master Lock combination locks, and may not work with all of them. It is rumored that Master Lock changed the combination algorithm on some of the newer locks, in particular those with serial numbers starting with the number 800.

2-Turn the lock’s dial clockwise to zero. It is a good idea to turn it at least three rotations first, just to make sure it’s clear.

3-Apply steady tension to the shackle and turn the dial clockwise. The shackle is the u-shaped part of the lock that goes around whatever you’re locking. To apply tension you can either pull the shackle up while holding the lock, or you can pull the lock down if the shackle is locked onto something solid. Turn the dial slowly as you apply tension. If you can’t turn the dial at all, release the shackle and turn the dial clockwise just a number or two and then try it again.

4-Find the first sticking point.

As you turn the dial clockwise with tension on the shackle, you will come to a point where you can’t turn the dial anymore. Make note of where it stops. Sometimes it will stick right on the numbers, but sometimes it will be between the numbers. If so, record the number to the half (e.g. 22.5, 7.5, etc.).

While continuing to apply tension to the shackle, turn the dial as far left (counter-clockwise) as you can. Make note of where it stops. Now you have a sticking "range."

Determine the sticking point by finding the number that's in the midpoint of the sticking range. A range of 4 and 5 would have a sticking point of 4.5. A range of 22.5 and 23.5 would have a sticking point of 23.
5-Release shackle tension and turn the dial slightly past the sticking point. Turn the dial clockwise about one number from the sticking point in order to allow you to "escape" that sticking point.
6-Reapply tension to the shackle and continue turning the dial clockwise to find all the sticking points. You should find a total of twelve sticking points in one complete turn of the dial. Write them down.
7-Find the third number of the combination.

Look at your list of sticking points and eliminate all those which are not whole numbers (i.e. cross off any number that ends in .5). You should eliminate 7 of the 12 numbers with this step.

Of the remaining sticking points, choose the one with the unique digit in the "ones" position. Four of the remaining five numbers will share the same number in the "ones" place, so for example, if the numbers left on the list are 4, 14, 24, 27, and 34, the number 27 is the only one which does not have a four in the "ones" place. This is the third number of the combination.

8-Find the magic number. Divide the third number of the combination (27 in this case) by four and write down the remainder. In this case 27/4 = 6 remainder 3. Remember we are only concerned with the remainder, which will always be 0, 1, 2, or 3. Write down the magic number (3 in this example).

9-Find the possible first numbers of the combination. Add 4 to the magic number (3). Write down the result (7). Now add 4 to that and continue adding 4 to each resulting sum until you have gone completely around the dial once. Write down each of these numbers. Thus, for the example above the numbers would be 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, 31, 35, and 39. One of these numbers is the first number of the combination.
10-Find the possible second numbers in the combination. If your magic number is 0 or 1 then add 2 to it, otherwise subtract 2. Since our example magic number is 3, we subtract 2 and get 1. Write down the answer and add 4 to it. Now add 4 to each resulting sum until you have gone completely around the dial once. Thus, in the example, the numbers would be 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, and 37. One of these numbers is the second number in the combination.
11-Cross out the numbers (the possible 2ND numbers) Plus or Minus 2 [25 & 29] from the third number of the combination[27].

12-Figure out the correct combination by trial and error. You now know all the possible first numbers [3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, 31, 35, 39], all the possible second numbers [1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37], and the third number [27]. You’ve just narrowed down 64,000 combinations to only 80. Now try each combination until you find the correct one. If you’re lucky, you may need to try only a few but then again, you may need to try all 80.

Tips :

If you’re in a hurry, you don’t need to calculate the possible first and second numbers yourself. Once you’ve figured out the third number, you can save time by using a special computer application to determine all the possible combinations.


Moustafa El-hadidi

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 Useless Gadgets

10-Wi-Fi Detector Laptop Case - Useful Combination:

Why would I want to have a Wi-Fi detector on my laptop bag?If I want to use wireless while I'm using the laptop I will scan with the laptop wireless card, not look at the bag which is on the ground to see if there is a wireless connection.

9- Book lover's cave:

Ok so I love to read, not all people do but I can spend like 5 hours just reading a book.
But dose this mean that I'm going to go and sit in the book shelf and read a book?
Or would I sit in a comfortable chair and read the book, or even lay down in bed and read it?

8- Mobile Phone Blocking Bag:

This bag blocks all the signals to your mobile which makes t out of coverage, I don’t know why would someone want to make there mobile out of coverage and keep it on in the same time. What good is it out of coverage and its turned on? I mean you wont be able to make / receive calls or even SMS or MMS or any other things you do with your mobile. If you don’t want to be called, or receive anything just turn it off, that’s what the turn off mobile button is for.

7- Eye Massager :

All who use computers for a long time, know that every once in a while should look at something else other than the monitor to relax your eye, and when our eyes pain, we just rub them with our fingers, right?

WORNG, apparently there are people that are to lazy to rub there own eye, and prefer to hold something to rub it for them, such as this eye massager…

6- Sideways Bike:

So you like to ride a bike and cycle around. Are you tired of the normal way to drive a bike ? well you can cycle sideways, despite that fact that it makes no common sense why would someone want to cycle sideways, you will stick out from the crowd of other bikers, every one will look at you cycling sideways, and wonder : WTF !!

5- Laptop Sun Cover:

You like to sit and work on your laptop and enjoy the sun at the same time, but the sun light hitting on your monitor makes its almost impossible to see. If your to lazy to give your face to the sun where the laptop monitor back will be facing the sun, than you need the Sun cover. Despite the fact that you will be looking like your having a BBQ on your laptop, it seems that there are people that find it good for them…

4- Toilet roll hat:

Do you shit outside your home allot, when you go to the gas station,diner,bar..etc
After a huge dump you look and there is no toilet paper?
Do you just lift your underwear and walk around like a 1 year old who just crapped his pants ?

Well here is the solution for you, Toilet roll hat, simply wear it on your head and you will never ever get stuck with no toilet paper.

3-MP3 Toilet:

Do you sit allot on the toilet? Don’t like to read?
You can use the mp3 toilet, plays music while you take a crap.
Wonder if the volume is turned higher with the size of the shit that falls in the toilet !

2- Fan Cap:

Your walking down the road, its sunny you got your cap on. But still your feeling hot.
Get the Solar Powered Fan Cap. This gizmo will bring cool air on your face in a hot day, and the best thing about it you will attract morons and will look totally stupid and will be the laughing stock of every kid and adult on the road.

1-Remote controlled rubber duck:

Almost every one when they were small they had the yellow rubber duck, and they use to play with it while they were taking a bath. But are you board that the duck just floats around like a non living thing? Get the Remote Controlled Rubber Duck.
You can play with it and move it around as you please. So unless you take a bath in the swimming pool don’t buy this duck, or you will get board with the small space that the normal tub has to offer.

Moustafa El-hadidi

Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Scanner

As most people know Cult of the Dead Cow ( cDc ) has released a google scanner. What this scanner dose is that it search's for Vulnerabilities in websites using the power of google search engine.

This tool as any other tool if used correctly it would be good, But most people will use it to deface and hack websites. You will say now : So people are doing that for a long time, what's new ?!

I'll tell you what's new, before people use to target specific sites and search within that site for a bug or a Vulnerabilities in it, But now with this tool, it will search in all the sites that are indexed by google. The bigger risk is that almost if not all websites on the internet are indexed and listed in google search engine.

So now the treat is wider, and it won't be a target specific, it will be random.
The fear is not from the people who are experts in defacing websites, its in the ones that don’t know anything such as script kiddies it will be chaos, all the want to be and the ones who want to impress there girlfriends or friends will be hacking and slashing websites.

I'm not saying all that so people will freak out and go around yelling: hacked, hacked.
And some will say that google is the evil big brother if he did not have such great search engine non of this would have happened. That’s just wrong. EVERY single item or thing in this world can be used in 2 ways, the good way and the bad way.

Moustafa El-hadidi

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Temporarily blind surveillance cameras

"Infrared Light Against Surveillance Cameras" is an easy to build device that protects you from cameras in public spaces. The focus is to amplify the interaction between "machines" (or light sources) that have been built as surveillance devices. This type of project always seems to re-emerge every few years.

mroe info : Link

Moustafa El-hadidi

Wallet MP3 - Blue Music Notes -1GB

Wallet-MP3, is your cool MP3 Player choice!
Never be bored again on the roads, school, gym or nature. Now you can pull this ultra-slim credit-card sized MP3 Player from your wallet and be filled with your favorite music...

And this flash drive-based MP3 player, is not only the thinnest MP3 player in the world, but a durable MP3 Player, despite its delicate & fragile look!It is water-proof, sand-proof, high-temprature tolerance, light-weight, and its body is unbreakable* and made out of plastic, which you don't even need to know, because it will 'rest' until needed in your wallet, due to its credit card size & shape !
It's the ultimate portable MP3 player out there!

Have your own great music center in this thin body that easily connects to any PC or laptop: this innovative MP3 Player has a built-in USB connector that enables you to control your music anywhere, anytime! No need to carry around extra cables in your pockets for battery recharge or upload & exchange music and files.

Moustafa El-hadidi

InvisibleSHIELD Strength Test - iPhone

ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD™ is a thin, polyurethane film originally created for the military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades. What's unique about this military-grade film is how tough it is - it doesn't scratch. Introduced in early 2005, the invisibleSHIELD is the first product of its kind. Its patent-pending, full body protection has revolutionized the industry and has changed the way people think of protecting their devices. Others have tried to imitate it and have fallen short.

Apart from keeping your devices scratch-free, the invisibleSHIELD provides some unexpected benefits. Unlike cases, its uncompromising design doesn't take away from the look and feel of your device. It adds no bulk, allowing you to freely hold, carry, and dock your device without interruption. Also its "grippy" feel allows you to be far less likely to drop your once slippery device.

Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys

If you haven't gotten a chance yet, do watch the video of this attack. It's does a good job explaining the problem. Full drive encryption stores the key in RAM while the computer is powered on. The RAM's stored data doesn't immediately disappear when powered off, but fades over time. To recover the keys, they powered off the computer and booted from a USB disk that created an image of the RAM.

Aussie team claims 5Gbps wireless breakthrough

Faster transmission speeds, low power usage, and significant range are the trifecta of results that all wireless standard companies are chasing with a vengeance. The WirelessHD consortium released the final version of its own standard back in early January, while the startup company Pulse~LINK debuted its own next-generation wireless chipset back in December. The new WirelessHD specification defines a device that operates in the 60GHz spectrum and is capable of transferring up to 4Gbps over 10 meters, while Pulse~LINK claims its new chipset its chipset can deliver up to 890Mbps at close range (8 feet/2.4M) and 120Mbps at 40 feet/12M). If a team from Australia's NICTA (National ICT Australia) is accurately representing their own advancements, however, both these standards are about to be exceeded. The group from NICTA, lead by Gigabit Wireless Project team leader Prof. Stan Skafidas, is claiming to have developed a CMOS-based chip capable of transferring up to 5Gbps at up to 10M—a 25 percent improvement over the WirelessHD specification.
That's a substantial achievement in and of itself, but NICTA's new "GiFi" transmitter is supposedly loaded with a host of other goodies. GiFi is small, at just 5mm per-side (25mm sq.), it's built using CMOS, uses a 1mm antenna, costs less than $10, uses a built-in power amplifier that's only a few microns wide, and draws around 2W of power. That much power consumption means we'll not be seeing GiFi in any mobile devices anytime soon—not unless NICTA can cut the chip's power draw by an order of magnitude—but the rest of the claims made for the nascent standard paint it as the ultimate solution for high-speed, close-range wireless networking. Professor Stafidas, at least, seems to think this is likely. He claims to have spent over a decade designing GiFi, and states that he believes the chip will one day be found "in every consumer device."
According to Stafidas, NICTA will spin out a startup corporation later this year to market and commercialize the design. He estimates that his team needs about a year (and $10 million) to finish R&D and begin production of GiFi transmitters. NICTA is working with the IEEE to ensure GiFi meets standard specifications as defined by IEEE 802.15.3c, and plans to have prototype GiFi's built by the end of the year.
If GiFi seems a little too good to you, you aren't alone. NICTA is essentially claiming to have leapfrogged the competition, and is representing its product as the only real solution for this type of transmission moving forward. That's enough to raise anyone's skepticism level, and the optimistic cost projections and time-to-market estimates don't help much. It's possible that NICTA has actually made fundamental advancements that will speed deployment of short-range, ultra-high-speed networks—but it seems more likely that the organization has drunk a bit too much of its own Kool-Aid.

Moustafa El-hadidi

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wi-Fi on the Fly

So you're on a plan going to nowhere, your board and you have the urge to check your e-mail since your life evolves around your e-mail…
Well FLY JetBlue Airways, They said that soon they will have Wi-Fi access in the plain, you can check your e-mail, chat on Yahoo, or even download warez...

Moustafa El-hadidi

Skin your Laptop,Phone,IPod

Well i'm sure that allot of us are bored with the way that our laptop of ipod looks like and we just wana get a paint brush and color it…
Well if you aren't an artist then you can, and if you do it will look like a 3 years old colored it for you. So here is the site for you :

Moustafa El-hadidi

Triple Your Wi-Fi’s Signal Strength With Wi-Fire

The Wi-Fire is a compact, range-extending USB device that enables you to access a wireless Internet connection from up to 1,000 feet away--three times the range of your internal wireless adapter.The Wi-Fire uses a powerful directional antenna, highly sensitive receiver and proprietary software to find and enhance normal Wi-Fi signals. With it you can connect wirelessly to the Internet faster and with a stronger signal than an internal wireless adapter can achieve.Plagued by dropped signals and spotty connections? The Wi-Fire allows you to surf the web, tap remote applications, download large files, stream audio and video--without squinting at a tiny screen and thumb typing on a credit card-sized keyboard. And just try performing essential online tasks on a painfully slow cell phone connection.

more info : Link

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Company Unveils Gaming Vest That Lets You Feel FPS Games

FPS games are great for making friends or just to burn some time, but what if you could actually feel the action? The GameVest, created by TN Games, allows gamers to do just that. Boasting "eight active zones that simulate the direction and forces of bullet fire, crushing explosions, and fear-inducing finger taps as they occur in the game.

Illuminated Ambiance Chiller

Set the mood, festive or romantic, in a cool and creative way! This illuminated wine/champagne chiller casts a warm glow of several different colors (yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, and red). Select the fusion mode and these colors slowly change. Choose the freeze mode to "freeze" your favorite in place. Durable plastic and aluminum provide lasting insulation when ice or water is added. Frosted semi-transparent finish. Rechargeable. Includes LED SMD power supply/charger unit. Takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge. Stays lit approximately 8 hours when charged. Remains lit when plugged in.
more info about this product : Link

PatchTest Ethernet Cable Tester

Are you having a tough time wondering just which Ethernet patch cable in the office set up is acting up? With the PatchTest Ethernet Cable Tester, your task will be made all the easier.
The PatchTest Ethernet Cable Tester quickly tests Ethernet patch cables for continuity and common wiring standards such as Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and fast Ethernet Crossover. Remote testing of longer cables whose ends are not co-located can be accomplished by using a Gigabit SuperLooper Loopback Jack to test for Gigabit and Fast Ethernet cables in either a straight through or crossover configuration. Through its LED lights the Patch Test will indicate a Gigabit Ethernet Straight Through, 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Straight Through, 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Crossover, and a bad or unidentified cable.
you can buy this product from :

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