Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 Useless Gadgets

10-Wi-Fi Detector Laptop Case - Useful Combination:

Why would I want to have a Wi-Fi detector on my laptop bag?If I want to use wireless while I'm using the laptop I will scan with the laptop wireless card, not look at the bag which is on the ground to see if there is a wireless connection.

9- Book lover's cave:

Ok so I love to read, not all people do but I can spend like 5 hours just reading a book.
But dose this mean that I'm going to go and sit in the book shelf and read a book?
Or would I sit in a comfortable chair and read the book, or even lay down in bed and read it?

8- Mobile Phone Blocking Bag:

This bag blocks all the signals to your mobile which makes t out of coverage, I don’t know why would someone want to make there mobile out of coverage and keep it on in the same time. What good is it out of coverage and its turned on? I mean you wont be able to make / receive calls or even SMS or MMS or any other things you do with your mobile. If you don’t want to be called, or receive anything just turn it off, that’s what the turn off mobile button is for.

7- Eye Massager :

All who use computers for a long time, know that every once in a while should look at something else other than the monitor to relax your eye, and when our eyes pain, we just rub them with our fingers, right?

WORNG, apparently there are people that are to lazy to rub there own eye, and prefer to hold something to rub it for them, such as this eye massager…

6- Sideways Bike:

So you like to ride a bike and cycle around. Are you tired of the normal way to drive a bike ? well you can cycle sideways, despite that fact that it makes no common sense why would someone want to cycle sideways, you will stick out from the crowd of other bikers, every one will look at you cycling sideways, and wonder : WTF !!

5- Laptop Sun Cover:

You like to sit and work on your laptop and enjoy the sun at the same time, but the sun light hitting on your monitor makes its almost impossible to see. If your to lazy to give your face to the sun where the laptop monitor back will be facing the sun, than you need the Sun cover. Despite the fact that you will be looking like your having a BBQ on your laptop, it seems that there are people that find it good for them…

4- Toilet roll hat:

Do you shit outside your home allot, when you go to the gas station,diner,bar..etc
After a huge dump you look and there is no toilet paper?
Do you just lift your underwear and walk around like a 1 year old who just crapped his pants ?

Well here is the solution for you, Toilet roll hat, simply wear it on your head and you will never ever get stuck with no toilet paper.

3-MP3 Toilet:

Do you sit allot on the toilet? Don’t like to read?
You can use the mp3 toilet, plays music while you take a crap.
Wonder if the volume is turned higher with the size of the shit that falls in the toilet !

2- Fan Cap:

Your walking down the road, its sunny you got your cap on. But still your feeling hot.
Get the Solar Powered Fan Cap. This gizmo will bring cool air on your face in a hot day, and the best thing about it you will attract morons and will look totally stupid and will be the laughing stock of every kid and adult on the road.

1-Remote controlled rubber duck:

Almost every one when they were small they had the yellow rubber duck, and they use to play with it while they were taking a bath. But are you board that the duck just floats around like a non living thing? Get the Remote Controlled Rubber Duck.
You can play with it and move it around as you please. So unless you take a bath in the swimming pool don’t buy this duck, or you will get board with the small space that the normal tub has to offer.

Moustafa El-hadidi

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